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Heat and Cold Damage Corals in Their Own Ways, Scripps Study Shows

Coral reefs around the world are facing threats brought by climate change and dramatic shifts in sea temperatures. While ocean warming has been the primary focus for scientists and ocean policy managers, cold events can also cause large-scale coral bleaching events. A new study by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego compared damage to corals exposed to heat as well as cold stress. The results reveal that cool temperatures can inflict more damage in the short term, but heat is more destructive in the long run. Read More »


Google Earth Ocean Terrain Receives Major Update

Internet information giant Google updated ocean data in its Google Earth application last week, reflecting new seafloor maps assembled by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and other ocean mapping groups from around the world. The updated data corrects a grid-like artifact on the seafloor that was misinterpreted in the popular press as evidence of the lost city of Atlantis. Read More »

fuel combustion

How Do You Fight Fire in Space? Experiments Provide Some Answers

Improving fire-fighting techniques in space and getting a better understanding of fuel combustion here on Earth are the focus of a series of experiments on the International Space Station, led by a researcher at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Read More »


Community Relations Efforts Takes Chancellor Fox Throughout Region


Science Frontiers Showcased at Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Academic Senate Speakers Explain Patent Forms, E-Grades, and Library Changes

A full slate of guest speakers helped update UC San Diego's Academic Senate last Tuesday, with Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown, Registrar William Haid and University Librarian Brian Schottlaender describing developments in key areas of campus life. Read More »


UC San Diego has many more places to study beyond the library


Representatives from Around Pacific Region Attend Free Trade Negotiations at School of International Relations and Pacific Studies


'Green' Elliptical Trainers Now at RIMAC

ArtPower! Co-commissions New Work by Calder Quartet

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Refreshed Campus Website Now Live

The UC San Diego campus website has been redesigned to reflect the latest university branding standards, including a revised color scheme and updated logo. One of the goals of the project was to provide a unique look to the core campus website while evolving academic and administrative units' websites to reflect elements of the refreshed site without copying it directly. The website now relies on responsive design to ensure the layout is optimized to the resolution of any device used to access content. Read More »


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The UCSD Office of the Registrar Final Registration Report - Winter Quarter 2012

New Voicemail Service


CONSTRUCTION ALERT - Central Research Services Facility Construction Start

UC San Diego Black History Month, February 2012



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Women's Basketball Team Now 22-0 with Win Against Cal State Dominguez Hills



Alumni Honorees

UCSD Alumni Announces 2012 Alumni Honorees

Bruce Darling

Bruce Darling Named Executive Officer of National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council


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ACS on Campus: Transforming Students into Scholars, Feb. 15


San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering, Mar. 17 to 24


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Race for Empire

Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II

By Takashi Fujitani,
Department of History


Google Earth Update Erases Undersea Grid Mistaken for ‘Atlantis’
CBS News, Feb. 6

Experiments Shed Light on How to Fight Fire in Space
MSNBC, Feb. 3

Breeding Grounds for Entrepreneurship
U-T San Diego, Jan. 31

Local Analysis: Sam Popkin on Nevada
U-T San Diego, Feb. 4

Underprivileged Girls Compete in Rarified Air
U-T San Diego, Feb. 2

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