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UC San Diego Welcomes Campus, Local Community to Triton Day Experience

UC San Diego’s Admit Day and Open House will come together Saturday, April 7 as the Triton Day Experience, a showcase of the university’s vibrant campus community. The free event, open to the UC San Diego community and the public, will provide myriad opportunities to meet stellar professors, talk to student leaders, explore the campus and enjoy all-day entertainment. Read More »

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Nanotrees Harvest the Sun’s Energy to Turn Water into Hydrogen Fuel

UC San Diego electrical engineers are building a forest of tiny nanowire trees in order to cleanly capture solar energy without using fossil fuels and harvest it for hydrogen fuel generation. Reporting in the journal Nanoscale, the team said nanowires, which are made from abundant natural materials like silicon and zinc oxide, also offer a cheap way to deliver hydrogen fuel on a mass scale. Read More »

Deep Sea

Running Hot and Cold in the Deep Sea: Scientists Explore Rare Environment

Researchers discover unknown species at juncture where hot and cold habitats collide

Among the many intriguing aspects of the deep sea, Earth’s largest ecosystem, exist environments known as hydrothermal vent systems where hot water surges out from the seafloor. On the flipside, the deep sea also features cold areas where methane rises from “seeps” on the ocean bottom. Read More »


New Website to Open World of Neurosciences to Public

We only use 10 percent of our brain. Listening to classical music can make us smarter. Alcohol kills brain cells. These are among the many “neuromyths” that UC San Diego neurobiology professor Nick Spitzer hopes to dispel through a new resource for the public called BrainFacts.Org. Read More »


Lifetime of Research may be Leading to Life-saving Treatment for Shock

A clinical pilot study will be initiated this month to test the efficacy and safety of a new use, and method of administering, an enzyme inhibitor for critically ill patients developed by UC San Diego Bioengineering Professor Geert Schmid-Schönbein. Read More »


DECAF Career Fair Generates Buzz on Campus

Google, Cisco, Yahoo!, Facebook: the roster of companies featured at this year’s Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair, also known as DECaF, reads like a Who’s Who of the hottest tech companies. In all, more than 80 companies and 1,600 students turned out for the event, packing the Price Center Ballroom. Read More »

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Your Personalized Roadmap to Retirement at Your Fingertips

Will you be able to retire without worrying about money? Find out now. It's easy. The University of California this month launched the new online Retirement Review to provide a personalized snapshot of how much you can expect to receive from UC's pension plan - the UCRP - and your UC retirement savings investments when you retire. The online Retirement Review lets you add other retirement income such as Social Security or non-UC retirement savings to create a more accurate view of how well you're doing saving for retirement. Read More »


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Four Members of UC San Diego Men's Water Polo Team Named to All-Academic Team


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Science Festival

San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering, Mar. 17 to 24


Pre-exams/De-stress Sunday Brunch, Mar. 18


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Making Democratic Citizens in Spain: Civil Society and the Popular Origins of the Transition, 1960-1978

By Pamela Radcliff
Department of History


Seals Anticipate Stress, Calm Selves, Study Says
U-T San Diego, Mar. 8

Hydrogels Heal Themselves -- And Maybe Your Ulcers And Stomach Perforations
The Huffington Post, Mar. 8

New Way to Power Ocean Instruments Probed
U-T San Diego, Mar. 8

UCSD Profs Win $1.5 Million to Study Solar Integration with Grid
North County Times, Mar. 8

How Invisible Children's 'Stop Kony' Campaign Went Viral on YouTube
ABC News, Mar. 8

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