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Scientists in new center to use medical research techniques to help food crops withstand drought and climate change

Roughly one in nine people on Earth do not have enough food to eat. And climate change is only making it harder for farmers to meet the global demand for food, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. By 2030, the IPCC expects climate change to reduce crop and pasture yields by as much as 14 percent in some parts of the world. Adapting crops, livestock and fisheries will be critical for global food security. To this end, the new Center for Research On Plant Transporters (CROPS) at UC San Diego, funded by a $6 million grant from the National Science Foundation, aims to help develop the molecular tools necessary to grow the hardier crop varieties that farmers need now and will increasingly need in coming years—corn, wheat and rice that are more tolerant to heat, drought, salinity and other adverse conditions. Read More »

Image: Round-the-Clock Hackathon

Round-the-Clock Hackathon Helps Coders Make Connections, Develop ‘Crazy Ideas’

More than 1,000 computer science students gathered in a massive air-conditioned tent at UC San Diego’s Triton Track and Field Stadium Oct. 2-4 for the first-ever SD Hacks competition. The 36-hour, round-the-clock hackathon challenged student teams to generate innovative working projects or “hacks” that rely on software, biotechnology, virtual reality, and more. Read More »


A Mentor for Success

Like many faculty members at UC San Diego, Gentry Patrick arrived on campus with sterling academic credentials: An undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, a Ph.D. from Harvard University and a postdoctoral fellowship from Caltech. But his rapid success as an up-and-coming neurobiologist would not have been possible, he concedes, without the help of mentors who noticed his passion for research at a young age and then took the time to guide him in the right direction. Read More »


Economist Thomas Piketty to Discuss Groundbreaking Book on Income Inequality

Income inequality and the “one percent” are more than mere catch phrases. They are the cornerstone of noted economist Thomas Piketty’s groundbreaking book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Read More »

Image: cool campus challenge

UC Launches Cool Campus Challenge in Push Toward Carbon Neutrality

When the University of California pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025, nobody said it would be easy. At the outset, everyone agreed that the Carbon Neutrality Initiative would require all hands on deck from staff, faculty and students alike to make its ambitious goal a reality. Read More »


UC San Diego Visual Arts Professor Moves ‘Mountains’

Clay oozes from a pump suspended by cables in a giant steel frame. Guided by computer software, the pump swings like a pendulum as it extrudes ropes of clay that will, over the course of days, pile up to form a sculpture modeled after Devil’s Tower, the Wyoming promontory once slapped together with mashed potatoes by Richard Dreyfuss in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Read More »

Maker faire 2015

Breast Cancer Drug Beats Superbug


Governor Signs Legislation to Improve Understanding of Atmospheric Rivers

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Pop Up: Tell Your Story Like Pixar!, Oct. 24


Sustainable Food Expo, Oct. 22


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A Triton in the White House

It’s DJ Patil’s job to change the world. The stakes are no more and no less as Patil, a board-riding maverick whom Silicon Valley tech giants at one time “didn’t know what to do with,” is now in charge of bringing our country into the future. And that future begins and ends with one word: data. Read More »

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Birch Aquarium Announces New Executive Director

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography has named UC San Diego alumnus Harry Helling as its new executive director. Helling, who started his career more than 30 years ago as an associate curator at the T. Wayland Vaughan Aquarium on the Scripps Oceanography campus, is a passionate leader with extensive experience communicating and interpreting science for the public. He began at the aquarium Oct. 12. Read More »

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Join the iCommute Rideshare 2015 Challenge

Make your commute count! Take the Rideshare 2015 Corporate Challenge and join the 57 percent of UC San Diego commuters who don’t drive alone. During October, drivers of single-occupant vehicles can earn Challenge points by trying carpooling, taking public transit or cycling and logging their alternative commute trips. UC San Diego won the Challenge’s mega-company category (5,000+ employees) in 2013. Let’s try to do it again this year! Read More »


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Women’s Soccer Scores Win Over San Francisco State with Pair of Late Goals


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Capital in the Twenty-First Centary

By Thomas Piketty


Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen May Offer Powerful Punch Against Killer Superbugs: Study
Washington Post, Oct. 13

All the World’s a Stage at WoW Festival
Wall Street Journal, Oct. 13

We Need More Scientists in the Public Square
Washington Post, Oct. 14

New Supercomputer Extends Reach of Scientists
San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 10

Making Films Through Anthropologist’s Eyes
San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 10

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