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UC San Diego Video Wins National
Wildlife Federation ‘Chill-Out’ Contest

April 15, 2009

By Christine Clark

Photo of UC San Diego students Mike Pritchard and Erika Kociolek
UC San Diego students Mike Pritchard and Erika Kociolek perched on top of a box used to cool computer servers efficiently during the video shoot.

University of California, San Diego has been recognized in the National Wildlife Federation’s annual Chill-Out awards for a video that highlights a wide array of sustainability efforts on the campus. UC San Diego and seven other U.S. colleges and universities received Chill-Out awards for implementing outstanding green initiatives and programs and offering creative solutions to global warming on their campuses.

UC San Diego will air the National Wildlife Federation’s Chill-Out webcast at noon, April 15 in a tent near the Price Center. Students and staff will be recognized during the webcast for their video titled "UC San Diego: A Living Laboratory for Real-World Solutions.” The video also can be viewed here.

“I’m thrilled we’re being honored with this award,” said Maggie Souder, sustainability coordinator at UC San Diego. “I think this video reflects that one of our greatest strengths is the passion and dedication of our students, staff and faculty and their willingness to collaborate on projects that cross traditional boundaries.”

A $500 prize will be awarded to UC San Diego on behalf of students on the Social and Environmental Sustainability Committee (SESC). “Every one of our Chill Outwinners deserves an Oscar for the example they have set,” says Julian Keniry, director of campus and community leadership for the National Wildlife Federation. “These campuses are actually doing what the science says should be done to reduce the threat of global warming.”

Photo of UC San Diego senior Michelle Kizner
UC San Diego senior Michelle Kizner tries to collect algae.

"UC San Diego: A Living Laboratory for Real-World Solutions” features interviews of eight undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate the university’s commitment to sustainability. Graduate student Mike Pritchard bikes with bags of aluminum cans and talks about recycling efforts on the campus. Junior Ashley Ferrer and senior Yuki Murakami talk about UC San Diego’s cutting-edge climate change research. Senior Michelle Kizner talks about a campus plan to use seawater as a cooling fluid as she walks on the beach by Scripps Pier.

The video also shows students collecting real-time weather data, which is used to help the campus heat and cool buildings more efficiently. Other student participants include Erika Kociolek, June Reyes, Samer Naif and Victor Palacio. They explain how the campus saves $12 million a year thanks to energy efficiency projects, and they tout the university’s solar photovoltaic “trees” atop buildings and parking structures.


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