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  • Ultrasound device improves charge time and run time in lithium batteries

    Researchers at the University of California San Diego developed an ultrasound-emitting device that brings lithium metal batteries, or LMBs, one step closer to commercial viability. Although the research team focused on LMBs, the device can be used in any battery, regardless of chemistry.

  • News Obituary: Y.C. Bert Fung

    Yuan-Cheng “Bert” Fung, known as “the father of biomechanics” and one of the founders of the discipline of bioengineering at the University of California San Diego, passed away Dec. 15, 2019 of natural causes. He was 100.

  • New Record Set for Cracking Encryption Keys

    An international team of computer scientists had set a new record for two of the most important computational problems that are the basis for nearly all of the public-key cryptography that is currently used in the real world.

  • This App Teaches Sketching Skills to Improve Graduation Rates in Science and Engineering

    Engineers have developed a touchscreen app to teach students how to sketch 2D projections and 3D views freehand. This teaches students spatial visualization--the ability to think in 3D. This skill is important in many STEM fields, from Computer-Aided-Design to using ultrasound for medical procedures

  • Self-Driving Mail Delivery Begins on Campus

    If you’ve seen carts that look like they’re driving themselves on the road around Warren and Sixth College this quarter, you have not been imagining things. Two self-driving vehicles have been delivering mail to the two colleges since September.

  • UC San Diego Alumni Power San Diego Robotics Ecosystem

    From companies worth billions of dollars to startups employing a small number of people, UC San Diego engineering alumni are at the core of the robotics ecosystem here in San Diego County.

  • Hard to Study Mutations Implicated in the Expression of Genes Associated with Schizophrenia and More

    Hard-to-study mutations in the human genome, called short tandem repeats, known as STRs or microsatellites, are implicated in the expression of genes associated with complex traits including schizophrenia, inflammatory bowel disease and even height and intelligence.

  • Clingfish biology inspires better suction cup

    A team of engineers and marine biologists built a better suction cup inspired by the mechanism that allows the clingfish to adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces, such as rocks in the area where the tide comes and goes.

  • UC San Diego at Epicenter of Earthquake Research

    From the world’s largest outdoor earthquake simulator to an international network of seismic stations, UC San Diego is a living laboratory for seismic safety. As an estimated 9.5 million people across the state are set to participate in the Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill today, UC San Diego…