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News Archive - Apr 18,2019

  • A Tale of Tails Wins Grad SLAM

    In a world increasingly filled with insider acronyms and technical jargon, the ability to explain research in clear, concise language to lay audiences is increasingly becoming a rare skill.

  • Department of Psychiatry Celebrates 50th Anniversary with New Endowed Chair

    When a young Igor Grant, M.D. and his wife, JoAnn, a nurse, first moved to La Jolla in 1972, the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego was newly established with just 20 faculty members.

  • Minding Time

    Nineteen-hundred-and-sixty-nine was a famously memorable year. It was the year of Woodstock and the first man on the moon, of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland catching fire and the last public performance by The Beatles—an impromptu concert atop Apple Records in London.

  • Students Bring Heart to Untold Stories

    Writing was never a passion for Leonel Pérez Hernández—until he realized he didn’t want anyone else to tell his story. Born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, the UC San Diego senior has always held a desire to give back. For the past three years, he has been conducting independent research with…

  • Should There Be Open Borders?

    With more than 258 million migrants living outside their country of birth, the United Nations Foundation says the number of international migrants has grown by 49% since 2000, and nearly half are women. In 2018, more than 3,000 people died or went missing on migratory routes; these stats raise questions…

  • Usurp the Burp

    Agricultural and marine scientists at the University of California have joined forces to combat one of the greatest sources of methane emissions in California: cow burps.