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UC San Diego Admits a Record 24,792 Freshmen for Fall 2013 Quarter

Campus welcomes most ethnically, geographically and socioeconomically diverse class to date

A record 24,792 freshmen have been admitted to the University of California, San Diego for the fall 2013 term. The number of admitted students is up by 1,856 students which is an 8.1 percent increase compared to last year. The new freshmen were selected from a record 67,392 applications.

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications.

Admitted freshmen have until May 1 to indicate whether they will attend UC San Diego.

Of the admitted UC San Diego students, the average GPA is 4.11 (up from 4.07 last year) and the average SAT Reasoning scores are 642, 692 and 659 respectively for Critical Reading, Math and Writing. In addition, UC San Diego admitted 4,003 underrepresented students, up 13.8 percent from fall 2012.

“The academic accomplishments of this year’s admitted class are incredibly impressive,” said UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “I look forward to welcoming this outstanding, diverse group of freshmen. They will undoubtedly carry on UC San Diego’s legacy of innovation and be the next generation of groundbreakers and visionaries.”

In comparison to last year’s numbers, UC San Diego admitted more low-income students (up 8.6 percent) and more students who are the first in their family to attend college (up 20.2 percent). In addition, students from 4th and 5th quintile high schools had a slight increase of 2.4 percent compared to fall 2012.

According to Mae Brown, assistant vice chancellor of admissions at UC San Diego, this year’s diverse class of freshmen represents the campus’s commitment to providing access and opportunity to students from all backgrounds.

UC San Diego continues to admit students from diverse backgrounds; there was a total of 574 African-Americans (up 12.5 percent from last year), 2,456 Mexican-Americans (up 17.5 percent from last year), 853 Latinos (up 6.6 percent from last year) and 892 Filipinos (up 4.7 from last year) admitted for fall 2013.

In addition, the geographic diversity among admitted students also increased. UC San Diego had an increase among both California resident (up 7 percent from last year) and nonresident students (up 11 percent from last year). Nearly half of the admitted class (40 percent) is from Southern California, with the largest percentage of the admitted freshmen (8,105 or 32.7 percent) coming from Los Angeles.

Brown added, “The makeup of this year’s new freshmen represents one of UC San Diego’s most ethnically, geographically and socioeconomically diverse classes to date.”

The most popular majors chosen by this class are biology, economics, electrical and computer engineering, chemistry and math.

More females than males were admitted for fall 2013. UC San Diego recorded 12,767 (52.5 percent) females compared to 11,645 (47 percent) males with 1.5 percent of admitted students not responding to this question.

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